Custom Guitars

We can help make your dream guitar with  a range of finish options and relic levels. We generally make these to order in as little as 8-10 weeks. Please see below for the options available:

Body Shapes

Please contact us about the wood types we have available.

We offer the following body shapes: 


There is also a choice of finish and ageing levels:


For those that prefer a heavier relic finish. This finish looks like a guitar that has been well played over the years. Has some heavy wear areas, dings and weather checking.


This is one of our special finishes and can come in a variety of forms but is inspired by a nautical theme. The finish can be distressed wood or a specialist paint that contains real metal pigments that age and distress the way real metal would if left to the elements.


This is one of our special finishes and will vary depending on the type and age of wood used. The finish is a special distressed finish that replicates years of being exposed to the elements. The special finish actually changes the chemical composition of the wood and brings out the natural tannin, just like wood that has been outside for decades. 


Our guitar necks are available in the following wood types:

  • 1 Piece Maple

  • Maple with a rosewood fretboard


We also have some limited runs in other wood types, please email for availability.


All our necks are finished in nitrocellulose lacquer or oiled finishes with a range of ageing options available. 


  • We use the finniest hardware including Gotoh, Hosco and Kluson.

  • Our Pickups are Handwound to our exact specs by a UK Pickup Manufacturer.

  • Hardware can be aged to your exact requirements.

Please contact us for ordering information or see our prices page for latest stock and prices.